About Us
Boise, Idaho Concrete Pavers

At Boise Clean Cut Concrete, what separates us from our competitors is our attention to detail and our high-quality craftsmanship. Just take a look through some of our photos and you will see the many designs we offer. We bring many years of experience to each concrete and paver job. Another thing that separates us from a lot of other concrete companies is the extensive prep work we do in order to really make the finished product last as long as possible.

Although we love large projects as well, we specialize in small, custom concrete and paver jobs, specifically patios and walkways, fireplaces, and other beautiful outdoor living spaces. We specialize in patios, patio extensions, RV pads, driveways, and pathways.

On our website, you’ll find lots of helpful information in our Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as lots of photos of the work we do. Feel free to browse through our portfolio of beautiful front and backyard landscapes to see what style of concrete or pavers you like best!

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